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placeCurrently living in Los Angeles, California.
Open to adventures.

I'm available for FullTime, Freelance & Contract Positions.

About Merlin Jackson:

Hi, welcome to my portfolio. I'm Merlin, if you want to know a little about me you're at the right location. I'm a Ruby on Rails Full Stack Software Engineer with a passion for producing Interactive Experiences. I develop Games with the Unity Engine and often create Internet Of Things Devices with Python and Raspberry Pi's. Here at my portfolio you have the ability to view projects that display my work.

I'm from a small town called Kenosha, Wisconsin where I studied at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee as an undergraduate graphic designer. While an undergraduate, I traveled to San Francisco, California to continue my studies independently. There I accepted an internship with Fifty 24 SF Art Gallery. While continuing my studies, I began contributing content as a video producer to Fifty 24 SF and also became a contributing photographer for the Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine. San Francisco's creative energy continued to inspire me to produce work with local artist, musicians, entrepreneurs and business owners. Today I continue to work with this same community, creating web experiences, business tools and design elements in the Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay Area.

I've worked closely with volumetric capture systems and newer techniques like Photogrammetry to produce Interactive Experiences. I'm actively looking to pursue roles as a Full Stack Engineer or Interactive Designer. If you'd like to get in contact with me, feel free to connect with me online. I hope you enjoy my work.

Work Experience
• Intel: (2017-2020) Systems Engineer
• (2015-2016) Software Engineer
• (2015-2016) Video Production
• Money & Tech: (2015 - 2016) Video Editor
• Freelance: (2014-2016) Web Developer
• Juxtapoz Magazine: (2010-2014) Contributing Photographer

• UWM-Milwaukee: (2006-2008) Graphic Design
• City College of San Francisco: (2008-2010) Graphic Design

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